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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Black Women Continue to Set Hair Fashion Trends Thanks to Especially Yours(R) and Specialty Catalog Corp.

Nothing can boost a woman's self-confidence and attitude more than wearing the hair she always dreamed of but never thought she could have. Whether she wants to look sophisticated, sassy, businesslike or casual, she can achieve a natural look with wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions from Especially Yours.

"Today's time-challenged, over-scheduled woman is looking for versatility without sacrificing glamour," said Jessie Bourneuf, president of Specialty Catalog Direct. "Once considered the domain of grandmothers and women with medical hair loss, today's wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions are giving women all across America the freedom to unleash their true inner beauty while at the same time, eliminating bad hair days." "Celebrities such as Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Madonna, Halle Berry and Celine Dion utilize wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces to help ensure that they always have beautiful hair, day in and day out," Bourneuf stated. "For the average consumer who wants to update her look or change her hairstyle for the summer or fall without damaging her own natural hair, she too can glam up her look with a wig, hairpiece or hair extensions."

Wigs are an essential beauty item for many black women. Although African- American women comprise only 13 percent of the total female population in the United States, they purchase more than 50 percent of all retail wigs, weaves and hairpieces sold to women. Catalog and online sales of wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions are growing exponentially. Thirty percent of African-American women prefer purchasing their wigs from catalogs. "Black women wear wigs as fashion accessories and as time-savers, as well as to give their hair a rest from the treatments required to help manage their hair," Bourneuf said. "Sales of wigs are growing as more and more women seek to supplement their beauty arsenal with the right wig,hairpiece or hair extensions".

"There are many looks and many types of wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions to choose from," Bourneuf added. "Especially Yours(R) and Specialty Catalog Corp. can give you advice, teach you what's hot and help you choose the styles and looks that are right for you."

Specialty Catalog Corp. wigs come in all styles, textures, colors and blends to accommodate every woman's taste, mood and style.

Full Coverage Wigs: Everything from bob to a shoulder length, with or without bangs, in both synthetic and human hair.

Half Wigs: For women who don't want a full wig, half wigs allow them to blend their natural hair with a wig for volume and/or length.

Falls: For women who want to sport their natural hair at the front of their heads, falls offer incredible versatility. They can be worn as a ponytail, stylish flip, curls or a simple to-the-shoulder look.


Lace wigs: A very unique wig built on a sheer lace cap. The key feature is naturalness of the hairline. A lace wig, even when the hair is parted,looks incredibly natural, as if the hair is growing right out of the scalp.
Celebrity wig lines: Diahann Carroll, Brandy, Naomi Sims.

Styles: Bobs, bangs and buns are back in style; highlights and color blends are also very popular.

Ethnic women: New Hair(R) is a revolutionary hair extension invention for African-American women that is taking the hairdressing industry by storm. The technology is seamless and looks so natural that it is virtually impossible to tell where one's own hair ends and New Hair(R) begins.New Hair(R) was created by Simi Belo, a black woman from the United Kingdom who now lives in Atlanta.


1. Speed - It takes seconds to attach or remove;

2. Saves Money - Because it is paid for only once, can be used again and again, even if it has been cut and styled; and can last for years;

3. Flexibility - It can be removed at night to let your real hair and scalp breathe

4. Easy maintenance - Once the wig has been removed, the real hair can be loosened anytime for thorough washing and, of course, the wig itself can be washed.


According to Especially Yours(R) and Specialty Catalog Corp., there are three fundamental elements to wearing wigs, hairpieces and extensions well:proper selection, proper styling and good maintenance. Specialty Catalog Corp. offers the following advice:

- Select products according to the look you want: Do you want to add volume to your current hairstyle? Or are you after long and glamorous locks? Do you simply feel like adding a splash of color? Perhaps you want a totally new look! Different products offer different benefits. For example, full, traditional wigs and New Hair(R) can deliver a whole new you while clip-in extensions and ponytails allow you to add that extra length or color exactly where you need it.

- Select the type of hair based on your lifestyle: If you plan on wearing a wig, hair piece or extensions every day, you should invest in a human hair style. It is the most versatile and natural in appearance, and can be styled and totally customized. Synthetic hair is best for the woman on the go who needs a quick change and wants ready-made hair or a ready- made style.

- Have an option for each mood: Not sure what look you will want or need next? Don't limit yourself to just one wig or fall! Enjoy a selection that covers all possibilities - a full, traditional wig or a New Hair(R) wig for a total makeover; a bun for up-dos and elegant evening functions; and clip-on pieces for quick highlights, and so on!

- Choose colors that complement and enhance your skin tone: Look for color variation and tone when making a selection.

- Style your hair: Play with your wigs, hairpieces or extensions as if they are your own hair ... ..after all, when they are on your head, they are your own hair! Synthetic hair products are already styled for your ease and convenience, so make sure you choose the style you are after. Then just smooth the hair down or finger-style it often to maintain the look. Human hair products, however, can be cut and tailored into whatever style you like!

- Let your scalp breathe: It is important to maintain your own scalp and hair while wearing wigs, hairpieces and extensions. Purchase a wig with a thin, airy cap that will allow your scalp to breathe. Remove and reapply your clip-in extensions, half wigs and falls frequently.

- Proper storage: Keep your wig fresh by storing it on a Styrofoam(R) wig stand. Always buy a stand that is smaller than your head, so the wig doesn't stretch. Stretching will cause it to lose its shape. New Hair(R), falls, half wigs, and clip-in extensions should be wrapped in protective nets and stored flat.

- Keep your wig clean: Shampoo and condition it every two weeks.


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Jada said...

Yes..... my Robin by Adolfo wig is black & so good looking. I got it from Beauty Trends.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if you had an article touting how versatile and beautiful our own natural hair can be and the current trend of Black women going natural.

I'm just sayin'.

Pinkie said...

Thanks for the great tip anynomous! I might just that! Great story ;)

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Thanks for the great tips.

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