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Thursday, February 8, 2007

My favorite hair care products

Naturally, since we are on the topic of hairstyles and image - its only right to discuss my favorite hair care products. Of course - different hair care products will work for different people. These are the products that I HIGHLY recommend for your hair care regimen.
First let's talk about my hair. I have very fine hair. Its medium legnth and fairly easy to manage. Because its so thin, it breaks off easily so I have to make sure that I have a regimen that not only gives my hair volume, but protects it from breaking off. I also have to use great conditioning products because for some reason moisutre gets stripped from my hair really fast and its really gets dry - especially in the winter.

Here are the products that I use for my hair:
  • Design Essentials Botanical Oils Hair & Body Moisturizer with Ginseng.
  • Design Essentials organic cleanse deep conditioning shampoo and moisture retention.
  • Alterna White Truffle Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • Kera Care Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Aveda Deep Penatrating Hair Revitalizer
  • Aveda Volumizing Hair Tonic

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