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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Amil, Now Danielle Lloyd? Dumped from The Roc?

Danielle Lloyd has been dumped as the face of Rocawear. The model has been ditched by the trendy label following her racial comments towards Shilpa Shetty on television show "Celebrity Big Brother". The news will be a bitter blow to the ex- Miss Great Britain who has been condemned for her comments against the Bollywood actress. The contract was worth around $197,000USD (£100,000) and would have given her the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of super models Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell. Both of which are worldly popular because of their natural aesthetics.

Rocawear's company director Steve Grayson told the press, "As a leading global fashion brand, we condemn any form of intolerance and/or racism." The statement was blunt and definitive of the multi-culture embraced brand owned by the world's most famous rap artist and philanthropist, Shawn Jay-Z Carter. Grayson later added “We don’t believe Danielle to be racist, but cannot ignore the comments made by her while on Channel 4," leaving it very clear there was no exceptions for anyone within Rocawear's business plans to commit such a negative action. Danielle Lloyd has since apologized to the Shetty, who accepted the apology. However, the actress' comments have could not repair the damage done as they spoke louder than the public apology.
Damn Danielle. What next?

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