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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Beauty Buyble

Yesterday, I was having a long discussion with my mother about the headaches of finding makeup, buying it and then coming home - only to discover that it looks COMPLETELY different on you at home then in the store. So if your like me, you probably have a makeup bag full of ish that you don't even wear. Every year I probably spend at least $2000.00 or more on products, only to use about $1200.00 worth.

So what is a lady to do? Of course your girl has the internet research game on lock and so I was determined to find out what I could do to save an extra $800.00 bucks a year by buying products wisely. This is what I found: The Beauty Buyble, The Best Beauty products of 2007.

The Beauty Buyble is a one-step reference to the year’s best beauty buys and products. It takes out the guesswork, making it easier for you to find the best hair care, makeup, skin care, and beauty tools available on the market. This helpful, accessible book lists product in the low-, middle-, and high-end price range so you can find the item that’s right for you and that will truly enhance your beauty. The clean, concise format helps you find just what you need -- and the authors offer advice from celebrity hair stylists, makeup artists, and real women to help you get the best out of your beauty purchases!

Includes tips and secrets from the top names in beauty!

Sally Hershberger, Celebrity Stylist and Spokesperson for John Frieda
Oscar Blandi, Celebrity Stylist
Rebecca Restrepo, New York-based makeup artist
Mark Garrison, Celebrity Stylist
Katherine Hickland, Owner and Founder of Cat Cosmetics
Orlando Pita, Celebrity Stylist
Lorri Goddard-Clark, Celebrity Colorist
Dr. Dennis Gross, Dermatologist in New York City
Carla Kay, Cloutier Celebrity Manicurist

This attractive box includes The Beauty Buyble book and dozens of amazing product samples you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on! Indulge yourself--and find out what products work best for your hair, skin, and face! Going to the cosmetic counter can be one of the most abusive experiences in a woman’s daily routing. Where else do you pay for the privilege of being told, “You need a new look”? The salesperson, who has no clue about what’s right for you, sells you $150 worth of makeup and skin care products you may not need or that may irritate your skin. How do you know which mascara truly lengthens, curls, or offers the blackest black? Which lipstick really does stay on all day without drying your lips?

I guess we won't know until we buy the book. Its worth it to give it a try.

Let me know what you all think.
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1 comment:

Miss A said...

I wasn't a big fan of the book- it was too much like all of the magazines I read (daily). I thought the book was OK, but not that great. I also have recently read Confessions of a Beauty Editor by the Editor of Allure- it's a much better beauty book, it has great tips on what you're looking for with a more specific focus on what ingredients you should be looking for and stuff like that.
I love your blog though, very good writing!