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Monday, January 29, 2007

Tyra Banks - America's Next Top Waddle - ???

So here is the story - Supermodel & TV personality Tyra Banks has been attacked over the past few months for gaining weight. The rumor is that Tyra has gained over 30 lbs since the premiere of The Tyra Banks Show.

Tyra who is now 5"10 and 161 pounds lashes back at the media saying that "she is not going to apologize for her weight gain". In fact she feels that her larger frame lets young girls know that its okay to have a little meat on your bones. She also hopes that her new frame discourages teenagers from becoming weight-obsessed and developing eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. Tyra is not the only one questioning society’s love of the size-zero physique. Internationally, members of the fashion industry have begun creating new guidelines that require models to maintain a certain level of healthiness.

I agree with Tyra. This weight issue is getting ridiculous and its about time that the industry draws some attention to it because it is a major issue. There are plenty of beautiful women out here who are not a size 0. (Such as myself!!)

Tyra - I love you girl!!! You look great to me.

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