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Monday, January 29, 2007

Where is AJ & Free?

I have to be honest when I say that I miss seeing AJ & Free from BET's 106 & park. I always enjoyed watching it when they were around. I remember going to NY for a month in 2001. I was on two episodes of 106 & Park with my friend Juanita. While we were sitting on the stage waiting for the video to conclude - I told Free about my dreams & aspirations. She was so sweet and gave me a lot of inside information regarding the entertainment industry. She seemed to be so excited that I asked her about it and was eager to give me a list of contact names of people that I could network with. I will never forget that.

When I heard the news of AJ & Free resigning from 106 & Park, I was kind of sad and happy at the same time. While in NY that summer, I remember Free mentioning that she loved music and her dream was to come out with her album. AJ was just laughing and having a good time listening to our conversation. So a few years have passed since their resignation and I have not seen them. I heard that they were on the cover of Vibe a few months back and I missed it. I always loved Free's personality and style. Hopefully, they are both doing really well in their business ventures and I hope to see them both soon.

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